The Cottage on the Isle of Angelsey

Covid 19 Information

It’s been announced by The Welsh Assembly Government we’ll be able to re-open from Monday 13th July. I thought now would be a good time to make contact and update you on a few matters as follows:

Corona Virus (CV) Health & Safety For Self-Contained Holiday Homes

I’ve carried out a Risk Assessment based on the limited research currently available, which of course is all about how best to protect our Guests and Housekeepers from catching Coronavirus from a contaminated surface or item.

Possible Changes to Bookings

Once the Health & Safety CV Guidelines for Self-Contained Holiday Homes are published, it could result in changes to your booking having to be made, hopefully not. I will however have to make changes to bookings if there is a changeover on the weekend or more than one changeover in day. I’ll explain why later on.

New Terms & Conditions to be Issued

New Terms & Conditions for your holiday will be issued in the next few weeks to take account of all the new legislation and Guidelines.

Reducing the Risk of CV Cross Contamination

In order to reduce the risk of contamination, I will be asking guests before they arrive to confirm whether in the last two weeks:

  • They’ve tested positive for CV.
  • They’ve come into contact with anyone they know who has been tested positive.
  • They or any of their contacts have shown symptoms of CV.

If the answer is yes to any of the above, they will have to cancel their holiday and receive a full refund.

For example, some of the measures I’ll be putting in place are as follows. Before guests arrive:

  • All items that could be contaminated such as door handles, hard surfaces, even the door keys, will be cleaned with soapy water, dried and then disinfected.
  • Soft surfaces, such as blinds will be steam cleaned.
  • All crockery and cutlery will be put in the dishwasher on the hottest setting, all pots and pans will be washed.
  • Some of the crockery and glasses numbers may have to be reduced to enable them to fit into two dishwasher cycles.
  • Before and after Housekeeping each room will be treated with an Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer which positively charges the disinfection solution enabling it to stick to surfaces like a magnet.
  • I won’t be leaving a welcome tray, condiments and store cupboard items.
  • All the Guest Information Folders will be online on a separate website with access by password that will be provided upon confirmation of a booking

On Departure: Request that guests on their departure put all the bedding, towels etc in the large bin bag provided to reduce the risk of cross contamination to our Housekeepers.

Changes to Check-In and Check-Out Times

I’ll be asking guests to check-out at 10:00 instead of 10:30 and I will be changing the check-in time to a later one. The exact time is yet to be decided waiting for the guidelines to be published.

CV Housekeeping Charge

I am going to have to make an additional charge to cover having two housekeepers per changeover instead of one and for the PPE equipment they will be required to be wearing, which will include disposable surgical gowns, gloves, facemasks and face shields. This will also cover the additional laundry charges as the pillow and mattress protectors will also be changed at every changeover.

The CV cleaning charge will be below what it will cost me and for The Cottage, will be £65.00. For example, the Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer alone cost £1,350 and the cost of this isn’t included in the £65.00.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate how important it is that the CV changeover housekeeping is carried out to the highest of standards and I fully understand If you decide this isn’t acceptable, in which case, please don’t hesitate to call me for a full refund.

Two of my housekeepers are not available at the moment, one due to the birth of a child and the other as her husband is not well, not with CV I might add.

Possible Changes or Cancellation of Your Holiday

I’ll have to change arrival or departure dates where there is more than one changeover in a day and where there is a changeover at the weekend as my weekend Housekeepers are not now available.

I’m currently in the process of working this out and will let you know if your booking will be affected. Any changes I have to make to a booking will be of course with great reluctance and I certainly don’t want to be losing any bookings after 4 months of lockdown but these are indeed unprecedented times.

This may mean your holiday being cancelled altogether or say a four night holiday being reduced to three nights.

A full refund will be given if for any reason any proposed changes to your arrival or departure dates aren’t acceptable to you.

Bookings Going Forward

I’m going to have to allocate specific days each week for a check-in and check-out at each property.

For The Cottage, bookings will only be available Friday to Thursday (6 nights) or Thursday to a Thursday (7 nights).

Initially this may involve some changes to current bookings but once changes have been implemented to the existing bookings and the booking system, making reservations will be straightforward.

However, if someone wanted to book for more than the allocated nights, say for 14 nights, they would need to call me for me to alter the booking system for the dates in question and to ensure they receive the 10+ night discount. Nevertheless, I can’t change the allocated changeover dates of Thursdays.

Government Non-Essential Travel Cancellation/Re-Booking Policy

My policy is that if the Government Guidance for CV non-essential travel applies for holidays due to start within the next 14 days, I’m either making a full refund or offering guests to re-book.

I’m also stating that 14 days before the re-booked holiday is due to start, that again, if the Governments Guidance is the same on CV non-essential travel, then I will offer the same, either full refund or re-book.

Property Improvements.

Whilst all our properties are empty, I’m using this time to make improvements to The Cottage and The Windmill in order that when you do stay with us, everything is looking even more fabulous. I’ll post some photos on our Facebook page of The Cottage and The Windmill when they are finished

At The Cottage, the outside window frames, woodwork, walls and gates have been redecorated, the inside has redecorated and I’ve put new stone tiles on the kitchen floor, the underfloor heating in the conservatory has been renewed and new stone tiles laid on the floor. The central heating system has been upgraded and a new boiler installed. There is a new fridge and dishwasher in the kitchen. The Parquet oak floors in the dining room and second bedroom have been sanded and oiled. I’ve put new bollard lights outside and renewed the uplighters on the trees. I’ve made some cosmetic changes internally with the help on an Interior Designer. A few of the cosmetic improvements, such as the kitchen units being painted, will be finished in December when I’ll close for a week.

Staycation at White Beach Holiday Special Offer

Without a doubt, staycations are going to boom over the next couple of years and demand may well outstrip supply. I’m freezing my prices for this year. The prices for next year are currently the same as they are for this year but I will have to review them soon.

If you’d like to make a new booking (doesn’t apply to a re-booking) for next year to try and get the dates you’d prefer at this year’s prices, please go ahead and do that. Don’t pay any money and call me and you can pay a Booking Deposit of just 5% of the cost of the holiday instead of the usual 25% for new guests or 10% for returning guests.

Keep safe,


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